Wednesday, March 31, 2010


i like when i don't know where i'm going with something.

while rome burns

recently it was insisted that i draw "a historical event referencing pokemon every day", "or else", and that is a proposition i am not in a position to refuse.

so i busted out the comics.

Nero was a big jerk that all the roman historians hated so they said a bunch of mean things about him in all their histories, and now he has his very own tv trope.

relaxing time wooo

finished the three essays i've been working on for the last week, all passed in, life is good again. only a few things left to do for the semester and there's a very comfortable time frame in which to do them.

last night it became very important that i draw a pokemon, and that i draw a pokemon who was also an enthusiast of cyber dating.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

back so soon

couple more and then I have to eat something and fix up a couple essays to be presentable tomorrow.

second one is just ripped off of one of eerie's old drawings of a bunch of spirits coming out of a photo of a horse statue.

shale imp wearing a suit

Finished writing my last paper for the week so I finally bough groceries, read for fun, and then drew a shale imp.

Next thing on my scholastic plate is my final project for Hamlet class, which should be fun because my plan is to write a short story based on The Player from Ros&Guil Are Dead 'cause I think he's a really interesting character and I've been thinking about him a lot lately.

just a second

i'll write a bunch of stuff here when i finish all these papers jeeeeeeez.

i'll also stop wasting time and get down to business on these papers so that can be soon.