Sunday, October 17, 2010

sum notez

The words of others resonate without that uneasy weight of disatisfaction for they are performance. But one must build with vision before they may put themselves in the league of success or failure. Yes, your infastructure is not even distinguished enough to critique as bad because you have simply thrown the bricks in a heap for fear of designing a plan. No longer fear the blueprint and you will be on a path to find anything worthwhile.

The peace of company you have spent hours intermingling with. To be the topic of gossip within circles you feel comfortable in. Even the way we analogize our feelings is revealing things about our selves. The room is quiet with the air of reflection. Everyone is inside themself. We are free to ignore the external world that surrounds us and busy our own, insulur minds. Is this what happens? Is this a fair description? Not all details are contained. Life is rich with information and the art of narrative is to select like from a buffet; no two will fill their plate with the same serving of details.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Never settle for something boring, even if people grumble at you.